Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My January: Resolutions Met, Favorites, etc...

January has come and gone so quickly....

Resolutions Met So Far:

1) I passed my Esthetician Licensing Exams!!!!  I'm just waiting for my License to come in Soon.  That was the most stressful and gratifying experience all at the same time...
2) I've been taking better care of my skin through some of the skincare treatments down below, as well as trying out a few classes of yoga and still trying to drink more water...
3) Books, Reading and Relaxing......

January Favorites:

I promised myself to start off the year that I would definitely use more sunscreen... I use it everyday and yes I use it even on overcast days because even though the sun is not out the rays are still there...

Coola Mineral Sunscreen Unscented Matte Tint SPF 30:

*Organic Suncare
-Antioxidant infused mineral matte tint
-Line smoothing
-Fights Aging
*Organic Ingredients:
-Rosehip Oil
-Vitamin C
-Evening Primrose
-Flaxseed Oils = Omega 3 and Gamma Linoleic Acid - Improves elasticity and retains moisture
*phyto-protector Plankton Extract - Skin Rejuvenator


-I love the texture... it feels like the texture of Benefit's Porefessional Primer
-There is no sunscreen fragrance to it
- It makes my makeup go on so smooth
- That it's really great to my skin
-I love that it comes in a pump


- I wish it was a little more like a tinted moisturizer in that I wish it had more coverage

Coola Sport Unscented Sunscreen Spray:

*Certified Organic Sunscreen Spray
*70%+ certified organic inactives
*Farm to Face Sourced
*Organic Ingredients:
-Strawberry Extracts
-Red Raspberry Seed Oil - Omega 3 and 6


- It's not greasy
- Cooling to the skin
- Absorbs quickly


- I feel like there is a lot of waste of product due to it being a spray
- They say to put it on 15 minutes before sun exposure... meaning that I put it on in the bathroom making sure that I put towels down on the floor because if I didn't.... Someone being me or my significant other would be a victim of the Darwin Awards


Neal's Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisturizer:

-softens and replenishes
-for normal and dehydrated skin
-hydrating 'Hundred Petalled' rose extract and damask rose oil soften, smooth and help restore skin's natural radiance
-easily absorbed
-antioxidant rich
*95% Organic


- I love the way this moisturizer feels
- Love the moisture it provides for my skin
- Helps with the radiance in my sometimes dull and dry skin
- My makeup works well with it
-The formula is beautiful
* If you don't like the scent of Roses or Rose Water... you may not enjoy this, but the fragrance doesn't last long*


Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask:

*Dual-Action Purifying Mask
*Double Detox
*Charcoal absorbs oil without drying out skin
*Black Sugar Exfoliates


- The scent is yummy and unisex
-The warming sensation is awesome
- Makes my skin look and feel amazing
- It's a multitasking mask


- I just wish that it went on like a full mask....
I like to look like I painted myself like Krippendorfs Tribe when I put a mask on


Tarte 12hr - Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15:

-oil free
-buildable coverage
-satin-matte finish
-improves skin clarity and texture
-vegan friendly
*Vitamin A - retains moisture and protects against free radical damage
*Vitamin E - natural preservative, anti-inflammatory, emollient and antioxidant
*Amazonian Clay- for long wear


- Like the scent
-Love the coverage - it's buildable
- Love the packaging because it's a squeeze tube and it has a side window to show how much product is left.
- Highly Pigmented

Tarte Lights, Cameras, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara:

-Dermatologist and Clinically Tested
*infused with olive esters to protect and nourish lashes


- Formula is awesome.... it's not too wet or too dry
- Lengthens and Thickens with every coat without clumping
- Love the way the packaging feels in my hands


- The packaging only because it's not practical

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder:

- 5 hour shine control
-Natural Minerals


- I use this to set my foundation and concealer and it works so well
- Lives up to it's 5 hour shine control
- Doesn't just sit on top of my skin


- The packaging it not my favorite.... I wish it had more durable packaging because when I travel my bag can sometimes take a beating and the plastic can crack


L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealers:

-blend incredibly


- I love these for contouring and highlighting
- Ultra Blendable
- Work well when I layer powder product on top to set them
- So easy to use


- I just don't like this as concealer for me because when used in the undereye area it's very dry and creases


Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette:

-Silky Formulation
-Venus (off white demi matte)
-Foxy (cream bisque matte)
-Walk of Shame (light nude matte)
-Naked 2 (taupe matte)
-Faint (warm, dusty brown matte)
-Crave (deep brown/black matte)


-This is my ultimate Holy Grail palette
-I use it to fill in my brows
- Can do a quick and easy pinup look, smokey eye, or just a wash of color
-Silky application
-Easiest matte shadows for me to blend
-Love the packaging for travel


-My packaging is peeling from constantly carrying it with me


Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Naked:



- Multitasking palette so that I don't have to keep a ton of single package products
- the bronzer, highlighter and blush work so well for my skin coloring
- I always pack this because it pairs well with the Naked Basics palette
-I can use these also as eyeshadows
-Great packaging


Tokyomilk/Dark- Tainted Love # 62

-Dark Vanilla Bean
-White Tea
This is my signature scent... I love it in the Fall especially.... My go to... I fell in love with this fragrance when I got a trial package of Tokyomilk products.... The Lip Elixers are Awesome and I really LOVE the hand creams...
So last year I started the Buzzfeed Rory Gilmore Book Challenge :
The best part of doing this book challenge is the Adventure of finding the books themselves...
I've been going to all sorts of thrift stores and finding some Awesome deals....

These are my January Purchases:



Favorite Book of January:



The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

#226 on the Rory Gilmore Book List
- This book was a quick and amazing read... I loved how each of the characters are so relatable and the sincerity and honesty.... There was also an incredible soundtrack to the book... that if you wanted to you could make a playlist and hear what he's listening to and what he loves about each song...
"And in that moment I swear we were infinite."
I've never seen the film so I didn't have any expectations on how the characters should be or looked... and I don't know if I want to see it.... 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Clean Your Spent Candle Containers....

 I used to work for a retail company that sells a lot of candles, so I got a lot of free candles and everytime there was a sale I would splurge and get 3 large candles at a time.... and my I always love to have them burning in the house.....
I save containers like it's the Depression Era... I inherited this trait from my Dad's Family and My Mom....
If you're like me... You probably hoard candle jars too.... thinking I'll use this for something else at some point in time....
You probably wonder... How do I get the wax out?.... You've probably double boiled your containers realizing that you can't seem to get all of the wax out.... You've probably even spilt wax in your kitchen and had to scrape it up....
In this post I'm going to share with you how to clean your spent candle jars....
This is the easiest way to clean your candles vs. the Double Boil Method...
There is far less mess and less clean up....
*Spent Candles in Glass Containers
*Butter Knife
*Hand-Hot Water
*Dishwasher or Hand Washing

Step 1: Pop all of your candle containers in the freezer.... The wax used and the oil content of the wax will effect how long your candles need to stay inside of the freezer... 
The easiest ones that I've found are the Bath and Body Works candles, Glade Candles, and Scentsational Candles....
Freeze Time:
5 - 24 Hours

What freezing will do to the wax is cause stress fractures... this is exactly what you want to see...

Step 2: You'll need a dull knife to pop out your wax...  You want to slide your knife into the cracks and the wax should pot right out....  Don't worry if some of the wick holders are stuck in the bottom that can be fixed in the next step...

Step 3: After your containers have gotten back down to room temperature you can fill a sink with "hand-hot" water.... This will loosen the glue from the wick holders, loosen the labels as well as any residual wax....
Step 4: Load your dishwasher with the pre-cleaned jars to further clean them....
*This particular container is a dw Home Candle and it does not have a regular label on it and will not remove with hot water washing....
Now You have your clean container!!!
The easiest candle containers that clean well with this method are:
*Bath & Body Works
*DW Home(Candles with Regular Labels not the embossed labels)
I did a whole set of containers in a day and set them aside for my next project....
There are so many things that you can use these containers for...
*Storage and Organization
*Drinking Glasses
 Hope This Post was Helpful to You,
P.S.  In the Comments Below, on my Instagram or my Twitter... send me your pics of what you do with your clean containers....

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Resolutions....

1) Pass My Esthetician Licensing Exams -
a) Written/Theory
b) Practical Exam
2) Lose Weight/Better Shape -
This is always the obvious post that everyone posts and most don't keep, but while I was in school this past year.... I gained 20lbs.... 
Since I've been out of school I've already lost 5lbs because of less stress, eating in more and being allowed more time to be more active....
My boyfriend and I have been slowly switching our lifestyle around and substituting with more Organic and Natural Products for our Groceries, Skincare and more...
He recently got a Commercial Grade Ninja... so we've been taking in more fruits and veggies through smoothies and juices and that has helped a lot....
and I've been incorporating a Detox Tea 3 times a day along with Green Tea...

3) Dream Big/Do Big -
I suffer when I'm not able to create... I have a lot of energy inside of me that needs to get out on a daily basis.... whether it be blogging, sewing, printing fabrics, making natural goodies for the home or even Makeup Artistry....I Need to DO!!!  I'm finally ready to bring all of my skills to the next level and the time to do so has opened up to me....
and We want to Move Soon....

4) Work Hard/Play Hard -
I want to build my own set of businesses.... I make so many things and want to be able to share those pieces with others... I want to do what I LOVE....
My goal is to get it all started and get ready to hit the ground at a nice that I can Enjoy what I do, but also get to Enjoy having a Life....
We Love to go on trips and experiences new people and places and this past year has had it's drawbacks in that department.....
Ready for a Change!!!

5) Spend More Time with Family and Friends -
I had to sacrifice a lot of my time with my family and friends due to my grueling schedule of school all day and work most nights.... I've missed just being able to hang out and not always be on the go....
6) Take Better Care of Myself -
I have a tendency to go, go, go and burnout fast when it comes to my drive...
I need to:
a) Wear More Sunscreen

b) Pamper myself once a week

c) Relax - whether it be reading a book, watching a movie, taking a bath.... Sometimes doing what is considered nothing... is Everything.

d) Drink More Water -
I'm a coffee lover to my core and I will choose it most days over water...
e) Drink More Tea -
I fell in love with making and drinking tea this past year and it's a relaxing ritual....
It's calming... requires patience..... fills a room with a yummy smell....and they are power packed with antioxidants and skin benefits....
I Love Green Tea, Lavender Tea, Lemongrass and Ginger, Superfruit Teas, Chai... The sky is the limit....

f) Meditate-
Prayer and Meditation allow the mind to become clear of clutter... it allows you to assess the things that you need to hold on to and the things to let go of....
g) Yoga -
I want to start really practicing Yoga and even Barre.....I remember when I took classes in college and how balanced it kept me... I could just focus on being in the moment and let go of everything else....

7) To Continue My Education a little bit everyday.... 
Above Anything I Just Want to Stay Happy....
as my boyfriend always says....
"Happiness is an Inside Job"
Happy New Years Eve

Friday, December 26, 2014

Neal's Yard Remedies What & Why?

As I discussed in my previous post... I was introduced to Neal's Yard Remedies.....
Let me tell you a little bit about them:
* Opened December 4, 1981
*Covent Garden in Central London, England
*UK's 1st Certified Organic Health & Beauty Company
*UK's 1st company to produce Soil Association Certified Cosmetics
*Carbon Neutral main street retailer
*Family Owned
*No Nano Technology
*No Genetically Modified Organisms
*No Synthetic Fragrance
*No Parabens, EDTA, DEA, Carbomer or Propylene Glycol
*No Mineral Oils or Silicones

*Cruelty Free - Endorsed by,, and
*Fairtrade and Fairwild
* They also launched Bee Lovely and Help Save the Bees campaign
After doing the research & trying these products out... I chose to pursue these products for my future...
Recently graduated from and Esthetician Certificate Program and soon to be licensed in the New Year...
Neal's Yard Remedies was the Right Choice for Me...
These are the Products that arrived in my kit...
Wild Rose Beauty Balm - $70
- #1 Customer Favorite
- Multipurpose Organic Beauty Must-Have
-Cleanses, Exfoliates, Moisturizes

Beauty Sleep Concentrate - $53
- Clinically proven to moisturize for up to 24 hours
-Scientifically formulated to support your skin's natural nighttime regeneration
-Optimizes skin's nighttime recovery:
*Helps reduce the signs of premature aging
*Wake up to skin that looks and feels beautifully revitalized, soft & supple

Calendula Cleanser - $26
-Super-mild, extra gentle cleansing
-Wipes away makeup & pollution
-Softens and soothes as it cleanses
*Organic Calendula and Jojoba are combined to nourish and enrich dry or mature skin types in the gentle cleansing cream.
(Vegan Product)

White Tea Facial Mist - $19
-Instantly refreshes and rehydrates
-Free radical fighting antioxidants
-Can even use on the go over makeup
*Calms, refreshes & rehydrates skin.... Infused with antioxidant white tea, calming organic aloe vera, aromatherapeutic organic essential oils & Bach Flower
*Soothing & Refreshing
*Antioxidant, anti-aging white tea
*Dermatologically Tested
*Suitable for sensitive skin

Rose Water Toner - $17.50
-Leaves skin beautifully refreshed
-Helps prepare skin to better absorb moisturizer
-Balancing Demask Rose Oil
*For Normal & Sensitive Skin
*Cooling & Refreshing

Rose Facial Wash - $23
-Effortlessly lifts away daily grime & makeup
-Leaves the skin feeling soft & fresh
-120 organic roses in every bottle
*For normal and sensitive skin
*gently foaming
*soothing & refreshing
*rich in protecting antioxidants

NYR Men - Purifying Facial Wash - $24
-Fuss free everyday cleansing
-Low-foam to avoid drying skin
-Antioxidant- fairtrade rooibos
-Deep Cleansing
-Energizing & Refreshing

Garden Mint & Bergamot Hand Lotion - $19
-Fresh & Fruity
-Cooling Organic Garden Mint Essential Oil
-Balancing Organic Bergamot Essential Oil
-Gently Cleansing

Citrus Hand Wash - $15.50
-Tangy Organic Grapefruit, Lemon & Orange Essential Oils
-Great for cooks, gardeners & those who use their hands a lot
-Particularly good to keep in the kitchen to combat food smells like garlic and onions on the hands

White Tea Enriching Facial Mask - $48
-Rich moisture boost for dry& sensitive skin
-Free radical fighting antioxidants
-Purifying kaolin clay
-Deeply Nourishing
-Gently Cleansing
-Anti-aging, antioxidant white tea

Frankincense Hydrating Cream - $44
*Clinically Proven to moisturize for up to 24 hours
*Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkle
-Revitalizing & Rejuvenating
-Helps boost skin's natural regeneration
-Day/Night Cream

Bee Lovely Busy Bee Balm - $9
-Multipurpose must have
-Softens dry skin, ideal for lips & elbows etc.
-99% Organic
-Blend of Organic Cocoa Butter & Beeswax with the citrus scent of Organic Orange Essential Oil conditions of dry lips, flaking cuticles & dry patches
-Intensely nourishing
-Softens & conditions all dry areas
-Helps raise money for Bee Lovely Charities & Projects

Orange Flower Facial Wash - $23
-Effortlessly lifts away grime & makeup
-Leaves the skin feeling soft & fresh
-Soothing calendula & aloe vera
-For dry or neglected skin
-Gently Cleansing
-Rich in protecting antioxidants

Aromatic Foaming Bath - $23
-Feel your worries float away
-Soothing & skin conditioning
-Relaxing Organic Essential Oils

NYR Lip Gloss - Nude- 0.5oz - $16
-Rich, lasting color
-Enriched with skin-nourishing Organic Beauty Oil
-Subtle tasting Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil
-Antioxidant White Tea
-USDA Certified Organic Castor Seed Oil
-No Parabens, Silicones or Carmine
White Tea Toning Eye Gel - $42
-Reduces the appearance of puffiness
-Helps to counter dark circles
-Tones & firms the delicate skin around the eye
-For all skin types
-Minimizes the appearance of dark circles
-Antioxidant, Anti-aging White Tea


Geranium & Orange Shower Gel - $20.50
-Make a fresh start each morning
-Uplifting Organic Essential Oils
-Soothing Calendula Extract
-Uplifting Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Essential Oils
-100% Pure Essential Oils extracted from natural, wild-crafted & organically grown flowers, leaves, bark and berries.
-Uses: Massage, Bath & Shower, Vaporization & Inhalation
I am lucky to have received this Amazing Gift from my Family to help me get started in the New Year... My Facial & Body Treatment Bed to get me started on my Esthetics journey.... I'm so excited to have such an Amazing Skincare Line as Neal's Yard Remedies to help me in practicing Holistic Skincare....
If you want to learn more about these products: